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Sensory Fun Box

Sensory Fun Box

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This box is a little mix of wonderful sensory items. Colourful and bright the box has lots of inviting and interesting items.                                                                                                                        It contains:

1 Rainbow ribbon- Complete with a sturdy hand grip for easier manipulation. Twirl, swish, dance and be active with this lovely colourful product. Run through fingers for tactile stimulation, or enjoy watching the colours fly through the air. Length approx 100cms including the handle. Ribbon width approx 3.9cms                                      

1 Magic Walking Spring- Visually appealing and made from a colourful lightweight plastic the walking spring provides tactile stimulation. Or watch it shimmy down the stairs by placing one end on one step, and the other end on the step below. Explore the mathematical concept of long and short. 15cms                                                         

1 Space Blanket-  One of the best items children and adults will use for sensory stimulation! The space blanket foil can be wrapped around the user providing a comforting snug. It crackles and sparkles with every movement, and creates wonderful reflections when a light is shined on it.    1.4 x 2m                                                 

1 Flashing Spikey Ball-  The ball provides tactile and visual stimulation to the user - with its spikey design, and flashing lights inside once bounced. It can also be relaxing and calming for some to explore.    

1 Bottle of Bubbles-  Who doesn't love bubbles!? Intriguing and inviting to pop! Have fun blowing them to friends and family, or catching them and watching them pop! The bottle also has a little maze in the lid for added fun! Enjoy!

All items and ages 3 and upwards but supervise at all times where appropriate!