Collection: Sensory Sparkle Monthly Bag Offer

Each month I will release a special limited edition sensory bag.

This months special offer is a sensory story called 'The Treasure Hunt.'

A stimulating collection of products that work alongside a short story, created for the user to enjoy each part through sensory exploration with hand picked resources. The bag contains guidance on how to use each item, and how to get the best out of the box. And of course, the toys can also be played with individually for fun!

The special set includes:

  • Laminated copy of the story
  • Laminated guide on how to use, and how to get the best benefits from the box
  • Fake grass square
  • Treasure (Prism gem)
  • Rainbow ribbon ring
  • Heat pack
  • Lavender bag
  • Jumping bug
  • Textured ball
  • Space blanket
  • Gold mirror
  • 8 pin windmill
  • Wriggly centipeed
  • Grey pom pom
  • Noisy party blower
  • Spider
  • Sensory Sparkle drawstring bag


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