Thanks for visiting my sensory shop! I thought it might be nice if I told you a little bit about myself, what you will find here, and my vision.

I have been working in a special needs school for over 15 years. No two days are ever the same, there are constant new challenges and the rewards are amazing!

Over the years I have worked with children who have a variety of needs and abilities, and I find great pleasure in helping them thrive, achieve through small steps, and of course, enjoy every day school life. That is why I want to share some of my skills and experience with you. Like many people I want to push myself to achieve more, and this has been an idea of mine for quite some time. I have always had lots of lessons which are sensory based with students with profound multiples learning difficulties, and I have a real passion for this type of sensory based learning. The products on here will hopefully appeal to professionals, parents, carers, and educators...particularly those who care for special needs children and adults. 

I also have young children of my own who enjoy product testing all of the wonderful resources! If it doesn't provide fun, educational qualities or stimulation of the senses I wont stock it! Its worth noting that there are currently only a limited number of each item, so be quick if something catches your eye!

Please feel free to email me anytime with any questions/ queries- I am friendly and extremely approachable and welcome you to get in touch! I pride myself on making this a personable service. 

My vision:  Hopefully this is just the beginning of something really special. I have started off with some resources that I myself have found handy at the school. I particularly want to build up sensory themed boxes and hopefully a subscription from January 2020. Looking forward to sharing my expertise through affordable resources in one space saving you time. So watch this space. There will be lots of exciting things to come!

   Ignite the spark for learning.. . Explore, play and Enjoy! 

        Lots of love from Sarah at Sensory Sparkle xx