Mini-Beasts Sensory Box
Mini-Beasts Sensory Box
Mini-Beasts Sensory Box

Mini-Beasts Sensory Box

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Mini- Beast Sensory Box! 

This box is over flowing with creepy crawlies and insect based sensory fun! Featuring 'The Cleanest Dirt on Earth!' An addictive fun texture that resembles soil, perfect for hiding your little critters in, and using the magnifying glass to find them! Encourage counting skills and increase knowledge and understanding of the world whilst having fun exploring the items from this interesting box.

It includes:
  • 'Bag O Dirt' - The Cleanest Soil On Earth!' Complete with garden tools!
  • Mini Windmill plant pot!
  • Large Hanging Spider
  • Light Up Caterpillar
  • Cyril Centipede
  • Stretchy Caterpillar
  • Insect Information Cards
  • Insect Picture cards with Words - 2 of each potential to play matching games.
  • Mini Magniyfing Glass
  • Small selection of items to collage the insect cards with.
  • Selection Of Plastic Insects
  • Jumping Bug
  • Spring Loaded Butterfly With Key Launcher
  • Insect Stickers
  • Woody the worm
Happy Exploring! :)
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