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Red Themed Sensory Box

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 Red Sensory Box perfect for February!                         
This box is themed around the colour Red, Love and Hearts!  
Here you will find a wonderful collection of items that will provide sensory stimulation, and encourage learning through play. Explore emotional wellbeing via sensory satisfaction and products related to one of the strongest human emotions- LOVE!
The resources also support opportunities to increase communication and anticipation skills.                                                                    
  In the box you will find:                                                                                              
  • A soft plush heart
  • A squishy, re-usable heart shaped hand warmer
  • A Jack in the Box style toy- with a heart that pops out, blows a kiss and says ''I Love You'' when the button is pressed!
  • 2 strawberry scented candles
  • Sachet of red gelliplay
  • A red themed sensory bottle
  • A flashing LED red squishy 
  • Textured hearts
  • A red mirror with safe round edges
  • A chain of beads
  • Strawberry scented dough and a heart shaped cutter
  • Tinsel with hearts 
  • Fabric petals
  • Heart shaped lights (requires 2AA batteries- not included)  

All beautifully wrapped in a box!

Please send a name in an email with your order if you would like it adding to the inside of the box :)

Please note- the lights are more to add ambience rather than physically explore- please use and supervise appropriately. The hand warmer heart is easily re-set by putting into a pan of fully boiling water for 10 minutes to use as a warm heart once again.

Have fun and enjoy!