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Winter Themed Sensory Box

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This is a wonderful box that will provide sensory stimulation through the magical colours of winter. A perfect way to explore knowledge and understanding of the world. There's so much fun to have - learning through play whilst encouraging communication skills, enhancing emotional wellbeing and developing fine and gross motor skills.

The box included:

  • A space blanket
  • Hand Bells
  • Tinsel
  • Mouldable Foam Soap
  • Gem Stone Mood Light
  • Textured block
  • Penguin Putty
  • Flashing Spiky Baton
  • String of Beads
  • A 'Snowball'
  • Shiny Pom Pom
  • 'Make Your Own Snow'  Kit
  • Small Soft Glitter Snow Blanket
  • Resource List and Benefits Of Each Product

All beautifully wrapped in a box



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