Zimplikids Rainbow Gelli-Baff Snow

Zimplikids Rainbow Gelli-Baff Snow

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Gelli-Baff snow is a totally unique and completely safe powder that turns ordinary water into glorious colourful snow! Fantastic fun in the bath but  also ace for play trays, topic tables, and paddling pools!!

Can be a great help towards:

  • Providing tactile and visual stimulation
  • Developing palmer grasp
  • Enhancing concentration
  • Encouraging communication
  • Increasing calm and relaxation
  • And of course FUN!

A second stage powder then turns the snow back into water, so it can be easily drained! Full instructions within the box. Get creative!

Each pack contains 30g blue gelli snow, 30g green gelli snow, 30g purple gelli snow, 30g red gelli snow, 150g step 2 dissolver.

Recommended age 3 and up